How to Rent a bike

How to you Rent your Bike.

First you klick on the RENT A BIKE in the top menu then choose the bike of your chois.

We have 3 kinds of bikes.

Bjäre Classic is the bike if you like to take a peacfull ride to the beach or just want to explore the surroundings of Bjäre peninsula.

Kensho Road bike is a aluminium road racer that has good confort and is perfect for exerciser.

Ninja Road Bike is the chois if you like to explor the butifull roads hills on the Bjäre peninsula in speed. This is a bike for the exerciser as well as the trained athlet.

Ronin Road Bike is the bike that brings you the comfort of a city bike and the spead of a fullon race bike. This is a perfekt chois if you have sensetive back, neck, shoulders or arms with its built in shock absorber glide over the pavement with no problems.

When you desided you bike you choose the days you like to rent the bike for. After that you 
fill in your persenal info so we can contact you with the rental lease that you will recive 
in a email. Pleas read tru carfully and the print the leas and sign it and bring it with 
you to the Rental checkout of your chois.

When you arrive you bring the leas and checkout your bike and retur it to the same place 
if nothing else is arranged.

Enjoy your stay at Bjäre peninsula with Memil rent a bike.

If you have any questions pleas call +46704 58 20 90 or send a email to
and we will respond to you as soon as we can.